Together, we are accomplishing great things and reaching new heights.

Working alongside local residents and leaders, Renaissance Heights United serves as the community’s quarterback for neighborhood revitalization in southeast Fort Worth. We strive to honor the history of the community while securing its future.

Renaissance Heights United is a partnership dedicated to the proposition that everyone deserves the opportunity to live and raise their children in communities where they can achieve their full potential. Because entrenched poverty and lack of opportunity is often tied to place, we are place-based and neighborhood-focused. As a Purpose Built Network member, our work focuses on establishing mixed-income housing opportunities, a cradle-to-career education pipeline, and robust community health and wellness programs.

We are grateful for the many partners helping us achieve our objectives, including ACH Child and Family Services, Child Care Associates, the City of Fort Worth, Columbia Renaissance Square, Cook Children’s, Fort Worth ISD Leadership Academy, William M. McDonald YMCA, North Texas Area Community Health Centers, Inc., Purpose Built Communities, Texas Wesleyan University, The Shoppes at Renaissance, and Uplift Education.

Neighborhoods matter. Research proves it.

Our job is to be the connection between businesses, nonprofit organizations and other programs. Together, we can all improve our neighborhoods. Watch how.

One thing I’d say about Renaissance Heights is that it shows you really can’t have any preconceived notions about who can come together and make this work. Different organizations came, and we never had jealousies or competing interests between or among the partners. Everybody came together once they got the vision.

Purpose Built Communities l Renaissance Heights United
Fort Worth, Texas

We are energized and excited for another year of continuing our work to strengthen the defined neighborhood of Renaissance Heights!

This year we are thrilled to provide more opportunities and vital resources for residents of Renaissance Heights.

We hope you will join us for there journey as we work together with business leaders, residents, and partners to see a neighborhood where children grow up with hope and return with joy!

Kenny Mosley, Jr.                                                                                                                      Executive Director, Renaissance Heights Foundation