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Neighborhoods matter. Research proves it.

Renaissance Heights United is known as a community quarterback. That means we are guiding and supporting community members, organizations and funders to create a vibrant neighborhood for families. To be a successful neighborhood, everyone, and in particular children, must have the right conditions to live, learn and thrive. We work to change the fundamentals of our neighborhood, making it a more welcoming, mixed-income home for families and businesses.

But we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Our job is to be the connection between businesses, nonprofit organizations and other programs. Together, we can all improve our neighborhoods.

Building a Community Within a Community.


  1. In the area of mixed-income housing, RHU’s goal is to create a total of 375 to 400 units of mixed-income, multi-family housing. To date, 260 units — 120 of which are dedicated to seniors — have been completed, with additional single-family homes on the way. is a leading housing non-profit organization in North Texas with a 28 year history if revitalizing neighborhoods and providing quality affordable housing solutions. Housing Channel is committed to racial justice and permanently affordable housing. At Housing Channel the goal is to help people build wealth through homeownership. Housing is the source for local down payment assistance, mortgage tax credit programs, and special financing options available for Low-Moderate Income homebuyers.
  2. In the area of cradle-to-college education, Uplift Education, a nationally recognized charter school network, has built Uplift Mighty Preparatory – a new K-12 school within our neighborhood and has quickly established an excellent cradle-to-college pipeline to serve more than 2,000 children with a preference for Renaissance Heights families.  Additionally, Morris Foundation Child Development Center, operated by leading provider Childcare Associates, offers early learning that serves infants through pre-K.  Also in the neighborhood is the Leadership Academy at Mitchell Boulevard, a pre-K–5 school operated by Ft. Worth Independent School District as part of what’s been called a first-of-its-kind partnership with Texas Wesleyan University, designed to drive academic performance of targeted District schools.
  3. In the area of community wellness, RHU collaborates with several health and wellness partners to facilitate access to high-quality, affordable health and wellness resources for residents. The William M. McDonald YMCA opened in our neighborhood in 2019. Along with state-of-the art workout facilities, gym, and space for community programming, it houses the neighborhood’s early learning center and an aquatic center.  Cook Children’s operates a pediatric neighborhood clinic in Renaissance. Additionally, the main campus of ACH Child and Family Services is headquartered at Renaissance and provides needed resources and skills to children and families struggling with life’s challenges.  Since the construction of a Walmart Supercenter on the Renaissance campus, the area is no longer a food desert

“This is not just about making a nice low-income neighborhood. This is really working to create a community that anyone would want to live in. That’s a pretty high goal.”


Renaissance Heights United exists because of the support of people like you.

Renaissance Heights United is the sole initiative of Renaissance Heights Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.

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Purpose Built Communities l Renaissance Heights United
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We are energized and excited for another year of continuing our work to strengthen the defined neighborhood of Renaissance Heights!

This year we are thrilled to provide more opportunities and vital resources for residents of Renaissance Heights.

We hope you will join us for there journey as we work together with business leaders, residents, and partners to see a neighborhood where children grow up with hope and return with joy!

Kenny Mosley, Jr.                                                                                                                      Executive Director, Renaissance Heights Foundation