Mixed-Income Housing

Mixed-income housing helps attract more demographic and socio-economic diversity to a neighborhood. This is important because it can build the social capital necessary to improve economic mobility for lower-income residents and attract critical investments to the neighborhood such as new businesses, sources of fresh food, banks, and other amenities that are taken for granted in affluent neighborhoods.

Cradle-to-Career Education

Countless studies link early quality educational opportunities with long-term social development, academic proficiency, employment opportunities, and overall health outcomes. An effective educational pipeline that starts in early childhood and continues through college is imperative for successful community revitalization.

Community Wellness

Healthy neighborhoods must include a community-specific mix of facilities, programs and services that represent the vision, needs and priorities of residents, as well as the history and character of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Leadership

A single-purpose, local non-profit lead organization is the most critical component of a successful revitalization initiative. This group engages personally with residents to be understanding and responsive to their needs and concerns, while also building effective partnerships with public and private stakeholders and investors that can help deliver the vision.

We use a proven model for holistic change and Empowering Community.

Initiatives are based on a people-first model that embraces the unique character and history of the neighborhood. Our work emphasizes empowerment, affordability, and equitable access to goods and services.
Mixed-Income Housing

Phase I of Columbia at Renaissance offers affordable and workforce multi-family housing units for up to 140 families;
Phase II of Columbia at Renaissance offers affordable senior apartments for residents 62 and older.
New programs and development will reduce transiency and result in fewer vacant lots and dilapidated structures. When approved, Phase III of Columbia at Renaissance will provide additional housing for up to 140 more families. Proposed plans for the southern sector include single family homes and townhomes.

Cradle-to-Career Education

Uplift Mighty is a free, public, college-preparatory charter school serving approximately 1,300 students in grades K-12.
The Leadership Academy at Mitchell Boulevard Elementary serves grades Pre-K – 5th.
Texas Wesleyan University is nearby and provides excellent educational and enrichment options for the community.
William M. McDonald YMCA Summer Camp is a program based on academic, achievement and sense of belonging l add Child Care Associates is Early Learning provider, state of the art, holistic early childhood education center.

Community Wellness

The William McDonald YMCA is a newly constructed 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility with a community-accessible pool, pre-school, full gymnasium with a walking track, and wellness services.
ACH Child and Family Services is headquartered at Renaissance and offers a range of services.
Cook Children’s has opened a community health clinic that provides both quality pediatric and dental care, with extended hours available to 10:00 pm.

Happy Park improvements includes a playground, flex play learn, sidewalk additions, landscape improvements and pedestrian crossings.

Neighborhood Leadership and Development

We work closely with residents and small business owners, serving as an equity champion and advocate. We have many partners to help us get there, and we are indebted to them for their tremendous support.

One driver of neighborhood success is economic development. The Shoppes at Renaissance Square, offering over 500,000 square feet of retail, grocery, and dining, serves as “a key catalyst for economic development in the region.” Additional employment opportunities and retail options are now available in an area that was once a food desert, helping advance and build upon efforts promoted by organizations like Southeast Fort Worth, Inc.

Our generation is faced with gross economic inequities, poverty, ignorance, poor educational attainment, poor health, any one of those can completely side rail children's lives. We are creating the dream community in what used to be 200 acres of abandoned land.
Rev Carl PointerBoard Member, Renaissance Heights United

Our Vision for Renaissance Heights

As a leader in Community Development, Renaissance Heights Foundation (RHF), is dedicated to transforming Southeast Fort Worth through our innovative initiatives and collaborative approach. Our mission is rooted in implementing the Purpose Built Communities model, which stands on four pillars: Mixed-Income Housing, Cradle-to-College Career Education, Community Wellness, and Economic Vitality.

Founded on the belief that every community deserves access to quality housing, education, and resources, RHF has proven effective at playing the role of strategist and coordinator and succeeded in enhancing economic mobility in 76105 and surrounding zip codes. We work tirelessly elevating our community initiatives and advocating for the people who call Renaissance Heights home.

In the area of Neighborhood Development (2024-2026), we will prioritize stakeholder-led development of neighborhood infrastructure, funding acquisition, and community support to realize our vision. Current projects include the development of mixed-income apartments, single-family homes, and townhouses, as well as permanent supportive housing rental units in collaboration with HousingChannel, Columbia Residential and the Salvation Army of North Texas.

Going Beyond Housing: We understand the importance of creating vibrant, inclusive community spaces. We are dedicated to advocating for targeted investments in the civic infrastructure, including streetscape improvement, development of Happy Park, creation of new athletic fields and pavilion at the YMCA, and establishment of commercial retail space for small businesses.

As we move forward, we’re eager to highlight Renaissance Heights and Purpose Built Communities as a blueprint for successful community development. Emphasizing forward-thinking, innovative approaches, our aim is to make a lasting, positive impact on the community that will endure for generations.

Experience the transformation with us! Welcome to Renaissance Heights.

In Community,

Kenny Mosley, Executive Director