Exciting Opportunity!

Did You Know: Renaissance Heights Foundation (RHF), the community quarterback for Renaissance Heights United (RHU), seeks support for a $100,000 matching investment by December 31, 2023. With $60,000+ pledged, RHU … Continue Reading →

Healthy food is essential to ensuring positive health outcomes.

Renaissance Heights Foundation is closing gaps in local food deserts by providing incentives to grocery stores. Learn more: https://fortworthreport.org/2023/04/08/shopping-elsewhere-why-major-grocery-stores-shun-the-food-deserts-of-fort-worth/    

Removing Fort Worth Redlines

Redlining effects still seen in Fort Worth. Optimism about environment that could draw investment that ends redlining. In Fort Worth, there is optimism about progress against the practice known as “redlining.” … Continue Reading →